.38 calibre Revolver 5 shot. Designed for the Centre Fire Match also available in .32 cal. Comes complete with trigger work, match grade barrel and ortho grip.

Aristocrat Rib Sight. Fitted to fully worked Service Pistol. 

Not for the feint hearted........10 inch .357 Magnum.

This one-off pistol was built to specific specifications with all the usual good gear.

Beavertail for Revolvers are our specialty.....

Designed to give the Service shooter that extra locator and steadier for the draw from the holster.

Also with chequering on backstrap.

That little extra touch of "chequering" under the trigger guard for stability when gripping two hands.

                                            We can customise your revolver for moon clips.

                    This modification allows the use of moon clips or jet loaders.